Crash Test Dummies

Here’s a taste of what you can expect at our pub quiz on October 14th:

In the 1980s, the Ad Council and the US Department of Transportation launched a series of public service announcements in magazines and on television featuring the antics of two talking crash dummies named Vince and Larry who modeled seat belt safety practices.

What was the slogan for this campaign?

Answer: “You can learn a lot from a dummy.

The campaign was developed to encourage vehicle passengers to use safety belts, and featured Vince and Larry, two crash test dummies who dramatized what could happen when you don’t wear a safety belt.

In the first six months of the campaign, a DOT survey in 19 cities reported that 39% of drivers reported using their safety belts as opposed to 23% a year before.  Overall, between 1982 and 1988, safety belt usage by all vehicle passengers nationwide increased from 11 to 47 percent.

Hope you can make it to the Advertising Pub Quiz.

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Fresh Meet Is Back


It’s been while, but we’re excited to annouce that Fresh Meet is back.  Our new event is: Think While You Drink, The Advertising Pub Quiz.

On October 14th we’re opening our doors to the best and brightest in the NYC brand and advertising community for a night of friendly competition. 

Our pub quiz will be focused upon, but not limited to, our beloved world of brands and advertising.  Each team will be led by one of our industry’s most accomplished minds.

So come show off your smarts and compete for some impressive prizes and priceless bragging rights.

Providing the beer for the night will be our friends at Sixpoint Craft Ales.

Where: Hall & Partners, 72 Spring Street SoHo

When: Tuesday October 14th, 5:30pm

RSVP: d.mendelsohn@hall-and-partners.com

Fresh Meet II Highlights

Some sights and sounds from Fresh Meet II – Pecha Kucha Night:

Tuesday night marked our second Fresh Meet event and the first ever Pecha Kucha night aimed at the NYC branding and advertising community. We had a great turnout, with over 100 people joining us for the evening from more than 35 different creative and strategic agencies in NY.

Our theme for the evening was ‘Liberating Constraints’, a nod to the power of a tight creative brief and the Pecha Kucha format which all of our speakers adhered to (Pecha Kucha = 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide).

Moderating the event was Hall & Partners‘ very own Farrah Bostic from our Qualitative Research department. She kicked off the night with a pecha kucha presentation about pecha kucha (how meta). Here it is:

Next up was our friend Michael Hastings Black of Desedo Films. In a previous life Michael was an urban planner for the NYC parks department. He thoroughly engaged the audience by talking about what planners can learn from the way people are constantly re-negotiating or “re-mixing” the space around them.

The upshot is that while short-cuts and remixes are inevitable when systems or confines have been set in place, it’s important for brands to be able to anticipate these rebellions and steer them in a positive direction.

Paul Parton, from the Brooklyn Brothers agency, was up next. His message to the planners in the room was that they should try to fully embrace & understand any given problem, before rushing to find possible prescriptions. He’s found this to be a liberating constraint when tackling strategic problems that his clients are facing.

Rex Sorgatz, curator of fimoculous.com and all around online media guru, was our third speaker. He delivered a tour de force about how life is becoming more game-like. Full of brilliant examples, Rex told us how his tivo changed his perspective on how we’re interacting with brands and with each other.

Finally, Robin Hafitz, of Open Mind and kb+p, closed the evening with a presentation about how our proverbial walls are falling down, how what was once private is now very public and how our society today tends to be drawn to those who are the most liberated and the least constrained.

A big thanks to everyone who came and we look forward to seeing more new faces the next time around. Fresh Meet III will arrive this Spring. Stay tuned!

New additions!

We’re pleased to announce two new speakers to our roster for Pecha Kucha night, happening on the evening of Tuesday, the 26th.

Robin Hafitz, Open Mind, kb + p

and Mikal Reich of Dead As We Know It

Hope to see you there.

RSVP: d.mendelsohn@hall-and-partners.com

The Freshest Meet Yet

Pecha Kucha Invite

Somehow we are halfway into the first month in 2008, which makes it the perfect time to announce our latest installation in the Fresh Meet event series. Building off the excitement of the inaugural Fresh Meet way back in November, we’ve decided to mix things up a bit. For this go-round, the name of the game is ‘Liberating Constraints’, as Hall & Partners throws the first ever Pecha Kucha night aimed at the New York City Brand & Advertising community.

Yielding to Pecha Kucha’s fiercely demanding format of 20 slides with exactly 20 seconds per slide, our talented and diverse panel of speakers face the compelling challenge of building a presentation with maximum attention paid to cogency and efficiency.

Our brave speakers this time around include…

Paul Parton – Partner, The Brooklyn Brothers

Rex Sorgatz – Online media guru, fimoculous.com

Michael Hastings Black – Executive Producer, Desedo Films

So join us on Tuesday, February 26th for some drinks, good eats and most importantly, good conversation.

RSVP: d.mendelsohn@hall-and-partners.com, 212 – 413 – 9545

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Fresh Meet Highlights

Check out some highlights from our first Fresh Meet event…